California Disability Law Firm

California Disability Law Firm

There are always advantages to having a California Disability Law Firm in your contact list. Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center has the knowledge and expertise to help you through a crucial time of need—that is, when you find yourself needing to file for disability.

In fact, California residents are eligible for special programs. There is a state disability insurance program where California employers offer private disability insurance. A small percentage of an employee’s check is deducted and placed into a special disability fund. If there is ever a point where you are unable to work due to a medical conditions and cannot perform your work as you regular could, this fund can help pay for disability benefits when you can no longer depend on wages.

Employers who offer employee health insurance must offer COBRA benefits to a former employee for a period of time after they leave the job. If you were in an emergency, this could be beneficial in supplementing help while you find a better benefits program for your situation.

If you are a government employee, chances are you have a disability benefits program and maintain a special status under the law with your own disability program which can provide you with income assistance, job protection, and medical care.

A lot of people would assume that only those who had underlying conditions or disabilities they were born with will need to call a California Disability Law Firm so they can apply for a disability program, but unfortunately, disabilities can be a result from vehicle accidents, diseases developed at a later age, botched surgeries, and so on. These conditions can develop to severe levels, resulting in having to drastically lower your work hours or have to leave your job entirely. Without a steady income, you can imagine how difficult life will become apart from the disabilities you have.

Apart from an employer’s private disability insurance program, there is also CalWORKS, a program that works if you are disabled and have a limited income. You can become eligible for benefits as well as employment assistance. Your California Disability Law Firm can help assist in determining if you are eligible for these programs or if you would be a better fit for other programs available to all Americans, such as SNAP, SSDI, Temporary Assitance, or even Unemployment.

Whatever the case may be, early intervention works, and calling a California Disability Law Firm to know what your options are now may be to your benefit whether you are disabled or not. Call us at 530-362-7188 or toll free at 877-233-8399 for a free consultation.

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