Lake Tahoe Social Security Disability Lawyer

Life is known to throw the unexpected curveball or two. You may find yourself needing a  Lake Tahoe or Reno area Social Security Disability Lawyer. Many people find themselves in a situation where a new or preexisting disability prevents them from working. This is where the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) can come in. 

SSDI is a government-run Social Security program. It provides monthly assistance to qualified individuals who are unable to work. Filing A SSDI claim can be complicated, and it is imperative that a person gives themselves the best chance for their request to be approved. Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center has a team of lawyers who specialize in Social Security Disability Insurance and are dedicated to seeing their clients receive the assistance they deserve. We are here to help wrangle all of the moving pieces into place and simplify the process of applying for SSDI benefits so you can focus on living your life.  Even if you don’t qualify for SSDI benefits, you may qualify for SSI benefits.

The Social Security Administration also offers the SSI program, which is different than the SSDI program.  SSI (Supplemental Security Income) a minimal safety net for those who can’t work for medical reasons but who don’t have enough credits to qualify for SSDI.  It requires the same medical showing of disability as SSDI, but pays less than SSDI and you must have minimal resources to qualify.

How to know if you qualify for SSDI or SSI:

A citizen who has paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) at some point in their lives may believe that they are automatically eligible to receive benefits. However, this is not always the case. SSDI eligibility is determined by a point system. These points, formally called credits, are accumulated when a person works any job and pays Social Security Disability insurance. You can earn up to four credits per year. This leads some people to believe that they rack up one point quarterly, yet this is untrue. Credits are determined by your income, and the dollar amount that corresponds to one point fluctuates yearly. Depending on how old you are when seeking out disability insurance assistance, the number of points needed to qualify changes. 

Younger applicants require fewer credits, as they have been able to work fewer years.  This is much different than retirement benefits, where a steady 40 credits are needed to qualify. Confusingly, the number of credits needed does not climb linearly with age. There are also restrictions based on when your credits were accrued which muddies the water further. Finally, there are certain medical situations that can qualify you for the program.  If you need assistance in determining if you are a candidate for SSDI benefits, contact a Lake Tahoe or Reno area social security disability lawyer at Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center.

The Gold Country Difference

Hiring a social security disability lawyer is, on average, shown to increase your chances of having a successful SSDI claim. But Gold Country Workers’ Comp brings an additional layer of experience, professionalism, and comfort to the process with our team of California lawyers helmed by Kim LaValley, Gold Country’s founder, and Kyle Adamson. 

LaValley decided to pursue a law degree after growing up in a legal family. His devotion to providing counsel to those who need it most was ingrained in him from his earliest years and has carried him through his 40+ year career. It is also a sentiment shared by Adamson, who applies his years of experience and deep commitment to his clients at Gold Country to each new case. If you are looking to file an SSDI claim, please do not hesitate to contact us or check to see if you live in a county we service!

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Lake Tahoe Social Security Disability Lawyer