The most universally available source of disability benefits is the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI). If you don’t have the earnings history to qualify for SSDI, you can qualify for the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) with the same medical proof. However, to receive benefits from either Social Security program, you must show more than just the inability to work at your regular job. Other disability programs require less of a showing in order to receive benefits. And there are other programs that can provide monetary or medical benefits if you can’t work. See the FAQs Section below for more information.

Kim LaValley and Kyle Adamson have worked for many years on behalf of the disabled pursuing Social Security benefits and have an excellent record. They have received praise for their work from many specialists in the field, including witnesses called by the government to testify against his clients.

To receive Social Security benefits, you must present proof that you can neither perform your regular work, nor realistically adjust to other work for at least 12 months because of a medical condition (mental, physical or a combination.) If you are terminally ill or have a few specified critical medical conditions or medically determined impairments, you should also qualify for benefits.

You need not wait 12 months before applying. And if you received disability benefits from the VA, you can still apply and get those additional benefits.  Call the Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center and find out more information about how to apply.

Social Security offers two basic disability programs to which general members of the public can apply: SSI and SSDI. Upon establishing eligibility AND qualification, both will provide monthly payments and medical benefits, however, SSDI pays much better and provides more comprehensive medical benefits. If in doubt about which to apply for, apply for both.  You can apply for SSDI on line but you must submit a written application to get SSI benefits to your local SSA district office.

In Social Security proceedings, as in most every disability program, the specific wording of the doctor’s report(s) is crucial. It is important that your doctor understands the medical terminology as used in Social Security proceedings. An attorney can help insure that your doctor’s intentions are accurately understood by those who will be reviewing your file from a legal perspective!

Many people who have suffered from injury or disease, physically or mentally, have also suffered in their ability to work. Whether a result of a sudden accident, slowly developing condition(s), illness, physical or mental conditions, or any combination of these, the inability to work is a traumatic event. Kim and Kyle and the staff at the Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center understand this and know that moving the case along as quickly as possible is crucial!