Are mistakes made?

Unfortunately, all the time. Someone, whether a government worker, board, or insurance claims representative reviews the application for benefits and makes a determination of eligibility. This person can make mistakes. Also, the supporting medical information for your claim may not include the proper medical or legal terminology or analysis to adequately support your claim. This can result in a denial of benefits in cases where they should be paid.

You have the right to appeal decisions made against you. You should pursue all appeals. An appeal from the initial decision is a crucial part of the proceeding. Once a judge rules against you, there is usually very little that can be done to win. Since it usually costs no more to involve an attorney early on, you should consult with an attorney as early as possible to help insure the best results. An attorney’s involvement can make a tremendous difference in the outcome.


What can an attorney do?

The attorneys at the Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center will perform two important functions in connection with a review of benefit programs:

Kim and Kyle will evaluate which program(s) may potentially provide you with disability benefits and determine whether your condition (physical, mental, or a combination) should entitle you to disability benefits. They represent clients who are disabled from their regular work, or all work, and want to pursue disability benefits

How are attorney’s fees paid?

Attorney’s fees in Social Security proceedings are limited by law, and are only payable upon a SUCCESSFUL resolution of the claim. Fees are paid from the lump sum of “back-due” disability payments owed to you…There is no “up front” cost to the client in having an attorney pursue your claim, and all attorney’s fee requests must be reviewed by a judge, found to be reasonable, and approved before payment is due. Other types of disability cases are charged differently.

My wife was injured at work and unable to continue working. We Both were extremely nervous about what to do and who could help us navigate a seemingly impossible system and then we found Kim. After our first meeting with Kim and his associates we had a feeling of relief and knew immediately we were in the right hands. Throughout the process Kim and his team worked diligently and were always available to answer any Continue Reading

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I have a disability, and I believe I have been discriminated against because of it. Is there a remedy?

It of course depends on if you qualify for protection under the law. There are California and Federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, but claimants need to prove their employer is covered by the anti-discrimination law in question and that you are disabled as defined in the particular statute.  finally, there must have been specific damages suffered when a specific prohibited action was taken against them because of it. The remedies vary considerably depending on the statute relied upon and the facts of the case. The issues are complex and questions should be answered by an experienced attorney.


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Social Security is not the only source of disability benefits. Click here for more important information about other programs that can provide support when you need it.