Making a Worker’s Comp claim

Kim and Kyle have worked as an attorneys for injured workers for many years. Neither works for employers or insurance companies.  They are solely dedicated to supporting injured and disabled people.

If the specific facts of the case warrant, Workers’ Compensation claims are often payable under surprising circumstances, Suffering an injury or death while:

  • In your own car, parked or driving
  • Waiting outside your place of employment or worksite
  • On a work-related trip
  • Coincidentally conducting personal activity
  • Living in company housing away from home
  • Working as an “independent contractor” according to your supervisor or a home owner directing your activities
  • Working while being an undocumented worker, or working without a permit

These circumstances may all potentially be proven to be an employment “work related” activity entitling you or your dependents to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Both Kim and Kyle understand the injured employee’s perspective and the difficulties confronted by disabled people, even if the disability is temporary.  The rules and laws of compensation are complex, and are not subject to the same rules and procedures that apply in regular civil court.  In the FAQs and General Information sections (See the links at the bottom of this page,) you can review important information about the Workers’ Compensation system in California.

Many work related injury cases involve establishing liability against 3d parties responsible for, or who contributed to an accident, providing an important extra source of recovery for the injured worker. See the discussion on the FAQs page

And there are often other types of claims that can be brought when there is a work related injury. These ancillary claims are discussed in greater detail in the FAQs section.

Additionally, the law and regulations are always changing. Starting in 2013, the claims process changed significantly, and certain previously important benefits became very difficult to get.  This was after the State adopted a new approach to evaluating Permanent Disability (PD) levels in 2005 that generally both created much confusion in the evaluation system, and significantly reduced the amount of benefits payable to the injured. Starting with a few recent WCAB opinions (February, 2009) the WCAB is reconsidering their evaluation approach, and while still subject to ongoing litigation, this review may provide ways to significantly increase PD benefits. It is VERY important to consult an attorney as soon as possible after an injury to take full advantage of the benefits that should be provided to you.

Early Intervention Works. Don‘t wait to contact an attorney.

Here are links to some important information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  • Some important General Information. There are things you can do now, and upon being injured to maximize and protect your benefits, and to protect yourself from adverse action on the part of your employer or their insurance company.