FAQ’s — Injuries

When are your injuries covered?

You are entitled to compensation even if you’re not at your work site, or not even actively engaged in your work at the time of injury. If you are truly an independent contractor, you may not have Workers’ Compensation coverage, but you may be found to be an employee, even if you think you are not. Otherwise, if you are providing a benefit or service to someone else, and you are receiving money for it, chances are good you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits if injured or killed during the activity. (Indeed, there are many “volunteer” activities that are covered, too.)

Call for a free consultation to find out if you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation laws. In the unfortunate event of death, a dependent should seek a consultation to determine whether the death was job related, entitling certain dependents to benefits. Many people are surprised to find out that, under certain circumstances, injuries or even death are compensable while waiting at or near a job site, while commuting, or even off work, but living in company-provided housing while away from home.

What kinds of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation?

  • A specific injury or series of smaller injuries that require medical care other than minor first aid
  • An injury that developed over time, such as repetitive use or jarring of a limb, joint or your spine
  • An injury resulting from exposure to harmful or toxic substances, or sometimes, substances to which you have an allergic reaction
  • An injury caused while on-the-job but caused by an unrelated 3d party, for example, a vehicle accident caused by a stranger or slipping and falling on a dangerous floor while on the job but not on your employer’s premises