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Workers’ compensation benefits in California help workers of all kinds in countless ways. Workers’ compensation is a legal imperative for businesses and is designed to provide employees who get injured or sick due to work-related activities with compensation in various forms.  According to the law, workers’ compensation benefits are due, are owed and are paid regardless of who is at fault for the cause of the injury. However, due to the no-fault basis for liability,
Workers Comp Attorney Lake Tahoe
Hiring a workers’ comp attorney in Lake Tahoe is the most important thing you should do following a work-related injury. There are plenty of workers comp attorneys in California available, but that does not mean you should ever settle for less than an experienced specialist in Workers’ Compensation law. An experienced workers comp attorney can not only help you get the workers comp benefits you are entitled to but can also alleviate some of you
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‘Representing the underdog’: Workers’ compensation law practice opens in Nevada City

Posted by Gold Country Workers Comp Center on  October 1, 2019

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Long before getting involved in representing injured workers, Kim LaValley ended up representing individuals who had their boat and cargo seized by the Coast Guard and who were then charged with importing several tons of marijuana by boat into the San Francisco bay. LaValley’s defense was on the grounds of illegal search and seizure – the Coast Guard officers didn’t get a search warrant before boarding the boat for a routine inspection of life vests, fire
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After a work-related accident, you may pursue workers’ compensation in Grass Valley. The worker’s comp system is designed to protect both employees and employers. This is done through California worker’s compensation laws designed to manage injuries and illnesses that are a result of your work.  Workers benefit from these laws by receiving money to replace lost wages and direct payment (or reimbursement) for medical bills. Employers will pay into workers’ compensation funds through insurance companies.
Workplace Injury Lawyer Yuba City
Work-related injuries are common occurrences and often require help from a qualified workplace injury lawyer. A worker that experiences an injury during the course of employment is eligible for workers’ compensation under the law.  However, the unfortunate reality is that most workers’ compensation claims are wrongly denied due to various factors, but usually because the employer takes the position that the injury did not happen at work, or because the employer thinks you are NOT