3 Benefits Of Having A Workplace Accident Lawyer

Employees who have been injured at work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  This is true whether the injury was caused by a specific incident or whether it was caused by cumulative micro-trauma to a body part, including back or hands.  To ensure your claim is approved and you receive the full amount of benefits you are owed, it’s best to work with a workplace accident lawyer. 

Though it is true that injured workers can go through the claims process on their own, doing so often results in their claim being denied due to many different issues. These issues might include lacking proper evidence, missed deadlines, and other complexities.

Being represented by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney helps to protect your claim from these common pitfalls. The following are some of the benefits of hiring a workplace accident lawyer to help with your workers’ compensation claim.

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A Workplace Accident Lawyer Ensures All Evidence Is Uncovered

Because workers’ compensation claims are due to workplace injuries, medical evidence is vital to each case. Experienced workers comp attorneys will develop a strategy to ensure all of the necessary evidence is gathered to garner a fair settlement.

This can include medical records, getting depositions from physicians, arranging treatment with a specialist, and getting another medical opinion. This key evidence will be paramount for getting your case approved.

Workers Comp Lawyers Get You All The Benefits You’re Owed

Your workplace accident lawyer should be knowledgeable about what sort of benefits you are owed. They will have a good idea regarding the amount of money you should receive depending on what type of injury you sustained. 

They can also help you to learn of other benefits you might not be aware of. Some factors they will consider to help determine your benefits will include whether or not you suffered a permanent disability, the extent of your injury, the costs of medical treatment, and future treatment costs.

In addition, workers’ compensation lawyers understand how insurance companies work. Insurance companies will commonly try offering injured workers the lowest amount of compensation possible in order to settle a case. Your workplace accident lawyer will negotiate with insurance lawyers to ensure you are given the full amount of what you are owed.

Provide Representation At Your Workers’ Comp Hearing

When a settlement is reached, your case still must be approved by a judge in a workers’ compensation hearing. It is always recommended to have legal representation when you are in court. 

Your attorney will represent you and defend your rights during the workers’ comp hearing. They can present any necessary evidence, call witnesses when necessary, and argue why your settlement should be a certain amount. Lastly, they can help you appeal your case in the event your claim is denied.

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