What Is Workers California Comp?

California workers comp claims help workers injured on-the-job receive the benefits they are entitled to. The system was established for workers who become ill, are injured, or die while on the job.  It is highly recommended but not necessary to hire a local firm near you where you can get the individualized attention you may need after being injured.

It is a state-mandated insurance purchased by employers as coverage for their employees. Each state has its own individual program that differs slightly from other states.  California’s system if one of the most comprehensive and complicated in the country.

If you have suffered an injury or have developed an illness at work, you qualify for workers’ comp benefits. There are six basic benefits that California workers compensation offers. 

The basic benefits include: medical care, medical mileage, disability benefits in the form of temporary disability and partial or total permanent disability, and vocational rehabilitation if you are not rehired by your employer, and in deeply unfortunate cases, death benefits. 

Continue reading below to learn more about the steps you should take following a work-related injury or illness. If you would like to learn more or have any further questions please contact Gold Country Workers Comp Center

Steps Involved For California Workers’ Comp Benefits

Immediately after a work-related injury, it is important for you to report the injury. The injury must be reported on paper to your manager or the owner. After reporting the injury, immediately seek medical attention. 

Following medical attention, it is important to immediately notify your employer of the details. Once the employer is notified of the injury, they should provide you with a claims form to fill out. 

The form must be filled out and completed within thirty days of receiving it. If the employer is not alerted within thirty days, you may lose your benefits under the program. It is essential to not hold the California workers’ comp claims form.   

If your employment is terminated before the claims form is submitted, your employer could avoid all liability for the work-related injury.  If you do not learn of your injury being work related, however, you can still pursue your case. 

Why You Should Seek Help With Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The process of filing a workers’ comp claim and obtaining benefits can be extremely difficult to navigate. The process can be done without assistance however it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance. 

An experienced workers comp attorney can help you navigate the process of acquiring the benefits you are entitled to. A workers’ comp lawyer can provide a great deal of help if there is a possible settlement or if your claim is denied.  If your claim is rejected, or any benefit that should be provided is not provided, you should be sure to find out what non-workers’ comp benefits may be available pending a resolution of the dispute.

A workers’ comp attorney specializes in workers’ compensation law. They have experience negotiating with the insurance companies and can represent you if a settlement must be sent to trial. 

Professional Legal Assistance

Gold Country Workers Comp Center is a northern California workers comp firm that specializes in workers’ compensation and disability. Our team of lawyers is highly trained and erased in the workers’ comp process. 

They are committed to helping you secure the benefits you are entitled to following a work-related injury every step of the way. It is important to act quickly following a work-related injury. 

Please contact Gold Country Workers Comp Center today at 560-362-7188 to get started on your California workers’ comp claim or to schedule a free consultation. 

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