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Workers’ Compensation with Gold Country

You never know when you are going to need Workers’ Compensation benefits after having an accident at work. In fact, there are many ways you can suffer an accident at the workplace, and it can happen at a moment’s notice or over time (even over years) with stress and strain on a given body part sort of piling up until it becomes a real injury requiring treatment or even time off work.

You can encounter a slippery surface, might find that you need to climb a ladder for something, or someone left an obstructive object in the way of your regular path, or that you are injured just day-to-day doing your regular job.  So you could slip and/or fall, and everyone at one time or another, trips on their own feet, or loses their footing, but some falls can result in serious injuries. Heavy lifting is a requirement in some jobs or an irregular occurrence in other jobs, but regardless, one misstep or misjudgment of the weight and you can suffer a back, neck, or shoulder injury.

In more rare cases, you could be hit by a falling object, and this usually can happen in a warehouse-type environment, but if something is stored inadequately it can happen anywhere. Similarly, warehouses and businesses that work out of the back or stock rooms may operate forklifts or small vehicles. Operating them without proper training is dangerous as it is, but collisions could happen, and they’re not always without consequence.

Other kinds of work-related accidents involve cuts and lacerations, inhaling toxic fumes, exposure to loud/deafening noise, walking into objects, or even fights at work.  (So long as you are not the initial aggressor, injuries from a fight are compensable by Workers’ Comp.)

Circumstances need to be proven for an incident resulting from employment or “work-related” activity. This could mean different things depending on each claim and many of these injuries involve establishing liability against third parties responsible for providing an extra source of recovery for the injured worker.

So, if you have been involved in one of these accidents, how can a law firm help you with a Workers’ Compensation claim? If you get an attorney involved as early as possible, they can help you file the appropriate claims that best suit your situation. There are claims you can file that could provide protection to an injured worker from harassment, and a presence of an attorney for your Workers’ Compensation can give the employer or insurance company another reason to follow the law.

Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center is a law firm dedicated to assisting injured workers and disabled people. The law and regulations are always changing, and we are prepared to adapt as necessary, so our clients are not left guessing what the next step is. This process can be overwhelming and frustrating, but we want to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us toll-free at 877-233-8399.

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