Social Security Law Information

Social Security Law Information

The complicated procedures of Social Security law involve a lot of attention to detail, very strict rules, and filling out complex forms to name just a few. One would think that in order to qualify for Social Security benefits, you would just have to show them that you have a debilitating condition and that would be that. And for some, that might be true, but for most, it involves much more work which could be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic illness.

Although everyone has a right to represent themselves and even begin the process of applying for Disability benefits, people tend to have a lot of assumptions about what to expect and whether they need an attorney or not. Social Security law allows you to hire a Representative on your case to assist you and have a limited kind of power of attorney on your claim. This means, with the appropriate kind of paperwork, your Attorney can access medical records on your behalf to benefit the claim, make calls to the Social Security office for you, and a few other things. Social Security even has restrictions in place that don’t allow your Attorney Rep to charge more than 25% of your back payments. These are some examples of the protections you have if you’re not sure about hiring an Attorney.

There are also plenty of reasons why having a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced law firm on your case can be of great benefit to you. Filing an application online is relatively straightforward but could have a few questions and statements that some people don’t realize could be referred to again in the future. Social Security law will make it so officers on the SSA offices have to follow up on all the things you state on the application, from the facilities you receive treatment at, to the jobs you have had throughout the years. Certain details can be used against you, and some can help the case a lot as long as you remember to tell them. An Attorney is always aware of the things that can help strengthen a case, and we will be sure to remind you of what that is so we can also ensure Social Security knows what these details are and to follow up on them.

Gold Country Worker’s Comp Center will be there to fight for your benefits alongside you so you could have both the support and expertise from a law firm and ensure your case gets won. We can give you a free consultation and begin assisting you right away, so please call us at 530-362-7188.


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