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Social Security lawyers can be a great tool and support system in the disability application process. Every US citizen that works (NOT under the table and provided all federal taxes are paid on the income) is entitled to Social Security benefits. In fact, you pay into these Social Security funds from every paycheck if not nearly every paycheck. On regular circumstances, one would need to be of retirement age to access these funds, but if you are in the unfortunate situation of becoming disabled and can no longer provide for yourself or your family, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits even if you’re not at retirement age yet.

These benefits are called Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) and you are entitled to them if you have enough work credits after working for a certain period of time (which normally could equate to 5 years or more). This means that if you have been working full time for more than 5 or so years, and you develop a disability that keeps you from working, you will most likely qualify for this program.

On the other hand, some people were born with debilitating illnesses or developed them from a young age, or incurred without having attained the needed work credits, so they would need to apply for a supplemental program called Supplemental Security Income (or SSI) if they are under 18 or otherwise didn’t work long enough under Social Security rules.

As you can tell, this is a lot of terminology and information to learn and understand the significance of in one sitting, which is why Social Security lawyers are there to be not only a helping hand but a knowledgeable one in these difficult times for you. You can call some attorneys, like Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center, for a free consultation in case you are not even sure what rights you have and if you are eligible, and once your questions are answered, we can start the process of seeing what it takes to actually win your claim.

For example, Social Security lawyers can determine what is in your best interest and what to look out for depending on which part of the process you are in. On average, a claim could take several months, but the quicker we act, the quicker we can get a decision.

If you’re worried about payment, Social Security will actually not allow us to be paid our fee until we win your case. Once approved, they set aside 25% of the lump sum of back-due payments you receive, so there is no up front cost to you!

We understand this time might be confusing and frustrating, but the sooner we can consult your options with you, the sooner we can get you the benefits you deserve. Call us at


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