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SSI for Sacramento California Citizens

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. It’s true that Social Security will make you jump through hoops to prove your disability, but if all the right evidence and information is organized and provided correctly, you are one step closer to getting SSI in 2021.

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, and as the name implies it is a supplemental program the Social Security Administration offers to disabled individuals under a certain income threshold. Qualifying for these benefits are a bit tedious to prove our eligibility for, since Social Security will more than likely ask an extensive list of personal questions to determine how you are currently supporting yourself and how that will affect your qualification.

On top of that they will follow up with any medical professionals you have seen for the disabilities you listed in your application and confirm your conditions are not just still present but seem to be unchanging or appearing to worsen. This will confirm with Social Security that your ailments are beyond a shadow of a doubt going to keep you from working and holding a job, especially one that is labor-intensive.

The Social Security Administration will not only look at medical records, they will want to see a list of the medications you’re on, see where you live and who you’re living with, see a list of properties and resources you own (if any), and will ask you questions like how many times you visit the grocery store or how often and what types of chores you perform around your home.

All of this can be confusing as well as overwhelming which is why having a law firm there to assist you throughout the process is key. They can advise you on how best to answer certain questions, help you organize all the necessary documents, and help locate all the records needed to qualify for SSI in 2021. One of the first things you can honestly do, before applying, is find an attorney that is available to help you through the process of applying for SSI in 2021.

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