SSI in Sacramento with GCWC

SSI for Sacramento; Applying for SSI

SSI in Sacramento with GCWC

If you are thinking of filing for SSI in Sacramento look no further than Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center. Our attorneys are professionals who are equipped to manage Social Security Disability claims, SSI claims as well as other disability programs available for residents of California.

For example, “CalWORKS” is a program of benefit payments and employment assistance for those who are partially disabled and have limited income. Participation in an employment services program may be required. There are private insurance sources that automatically include some disability benefits but whose policies vary on how they consider a disability and how they define the disabled.

In California, it may be important to note that a small percentage of your paycheck is deducted and paid into a special disability insurance fund, called State Disability Insurance. This will pay you disability benefits if you cannot perform your regular work due to any medical reason and are not receiving comparable benefits elsewhere.

A lawyer can help you get SSI, SS Disability or Workers’ Compensation benefits or other benefits in Sacramento by guiding you to a program that better fits your needs and determine which one you will more than likely qualify for. Each program has pros, cons, and benefits, and sometimes there’s a possibility to qualify for more than one at a time.

In order to win a Social Security Disability claim (whether that is for SSI or SSDI), it normally requires a lot more work and effort than other programs. Unfortunately, showing documentation that you were diagnosed with a debilitating illness is not nearly enough. In almost all cases, Social Security will still investigate whether this deters you from working various jobs that the Dept. of Labor says are available even with the medical conditions your medical file establish s that you have.  That is, the SSA will still require you to produce medical proof of your inability to work at any job covered by the Dept. of Labor using its definition of functional job demands, including minimum wage work requiring you to deal with a myriad of stress-inducing questions and forms to fill out, which is why having a lawyer by your side is not only advantageous but a great support system.

But Social Security Disability is available to all United States citizens who have enough earnings history. If your earning history is not enough, you may still qualify for SSI benefits based on the same medical showing.  If you have questions about whether you qualify for benefits, you should contact an SSI attorney in Sacramento as soon as possible. It doesn’t cost you any upfront money to hire one, and it’s generally recommended to get the process started as soon as you’re out of work. An attorney can help you at any stage from the application process all the way to a hearing if necessary.

Attorneys Kim LaValley and Kyle Adamson of Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center have worked for many years on behalf of their clients pursuing Social Security benefits and have an excellent record in winning their cases. They have received praise for their work from many specialists in the field, including witnesses called by the government to testify against their clients. Please call us for a consultation at

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Social Security Law Information

Social Security Attorney

Social Security Law Information

The complicated procedures of Social Security law involve a lot of attention to detail, very strict rules, and filling out complex forms to name just a few. One would think that in order to qualify for Social Security benefits, you would just have to show them that you have a debilitating condition and that would be that. And for some, that might be true, but for most, it involves much more work which could be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic illness.

Although everyone has a right to represent themselves and even begin the process of applying for Disability benefits, people tend to have a lot of assumptions about what to expect and whether they need an attorney or not. Social Security law allows you to hire a Representative on your case to assist you and have a limited kind of power of attorney on your claim. This means, with the appropriate kind of paperwork, your Attorney can access medical records on your behalf to benefit the claim, make calls to the Social Security office for you, and a few other things. Social Security even has restrictions in place that don’t allow your Attorney Rep to charge more than 25% of your back payments. These are some examples of the protections you have if you’re not sure about hiring an Attorney.

There are also plenty of reasons why having a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced law firm on your case can be of great benefit to you. Filing an application online is relatively straightforward but could have a few questions and statements that some people don’t realize could be referred to again in the future. Social Security law will make it so officers on the SSA offices have to follow up on all the things you state on the application, from the facilities you receive treatment at, to the jobs you have had throughout the years. Certain details can be used against you, and some can help the case a lot as long as you remember to tell them. An Attorney is always aware of the things that can help strengthen a case, and we will be sure to remind you of what that is so we can also ensure Social Security knows what these details are and to follow up on them.

Gold Country Worker’s Comp Center will be there to fight for your benefits alongside you so you could have both the support and expertise from a law firm and ensure your case gets won. We can give you a free consultation and begin assisting you right away, so please call us at 530-362-7188.


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Injured On The Job? Call GCWC

Workers Compensation Center Sacramento

Unfortunately for many, some careers have risks that end with people getting injured on the job. Some of the most dangerous jobs involve transportation, machinery, construction, and even sanitation. While a work-related injury could happen to anyone, it’s easier to see how a workplace with very dangerous work conditions can be held accountable if a worker has an accident while on the clock. Every employer has to have the necessary accommodations so that their employees feel safe and can do their jobs efficiently without worrying about being heavily injured.

Here is a list of some dangerous careers that could result in being injured on the job:

  • Landscapers, lawn service workers, and groundskeepers
  • Construction workers and extraction workers
  • Structural iron and steel workers
  • Ranchers and other agricultural workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Refuse and recyclable materials collectors
  • Roofers
  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
  • Fishers
  • Logging workers

At the end of the day, if you receive a specific injury or a series of small injuries that require medical care, or even if you receive an injury that developed over time, and it happened while you were on the clock at your place of work, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation. It might be a bit hard to tell at first, in which case you could call an Attorney for a consultation to see what your options are.

Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center is a law firm dedicated to helping their clients with disabilities and injuries, getting them the benefits they rightfully deserve. An attorney can give you adequate advice on how to move forward with your claim and even give you more legitimacy when dealing with an employer or agency that is still in the process of gaining their own evidence. It doesn’t cost you any more money up front the earlier you get an attorney involved, but not getting one early enough could cost you in your case.

The process of applying for Workers’ Compensation can seem complicated, and choosing an evaluating physician is a crucial step in the process. Our ability to be familiar with the evaluators is essential in obtaining a fair or even favorable evaluation since employers and their insurance companies will be working hard to save their own money at your expense.

The assistance of an attorney at the time you have to make a statement for a deposition or ensuring things get filed on a timely basis can be very crucial. Gold Country has helped many people who have been injured on the job, so don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation at  530-362-7188 or toll-free at 877-233-8399.

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Social Security law firm – GCWC

Workers Compensation Attorney

Social Security law firm – GCWC

It might be time to call a Social Security law firm if you are met with the unfortunate circumstance of not being able to perform your duties at work. Early intervention works, so you should never wait to get legal help or find out if you are entitled to any disability benefits. If you are out of work and can no longer perform as you used to, normally for people this means they suffered a life-altering injury or have developed underlying medical or psychological problems that were recently escalated. Our team at Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center is here to help you through the process of not only applying but being there every step of the way with you.

The Social Security Administration offers a disability program to most American citizens who meet certain requirements. The two programs are Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI). Respectively, these programs are offered to Americans who have accumulated enough work credits or otherwise fall under a certain income level, but qualify as disabled under the SSA’s definition.

While tedious, applying for disability benefits is often pretty straight forward, and you can even do most of it online, but once the application is filed and processed, Social Security will begin to ask a lot of questions and will request a lot of follow-up information. Often times the beginning stages involve being denied which means claimants end up feeling very defeated. Every claim, no matter what the ailment is, requires enough evidence to support it. A Social Security law firm can help gather the information needed to prove you are unable to work for at least twelve months and determine you will not be able to return to work either.  If you claim for disability is denied by the SSA, you MUST appeal within 60 days or your rights will be seriously impaired.  You MUST be persistent.

Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center is a Social Security law firm that will help answer all your questions and make the process go as smoothly as possible, knowing the best people are working on your case. Our attorneys have worked many years aiding claimants with their disability cases, as we are aware of Social Security’s deadlines, their proceedings, and rules, which most people don’t know when they apply for benefits.

There’s no better time like the present, and you don’t need to wait to file a claim. We will make sure to use this time efficiently to get you the help you need and deserve, so no matter what the case may be, make sure to contact Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center as soon as possible. Contact our office for a free consultation or referral at 530-362-7188 or toll-free at 877-233-8399.

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What Is Workers Compensation?

California Workers

The period following a work-related injury can be a stressful time without a Nevada County, Placer County or El Dorado County workers compensation attorney in your corner. Workers’ Compensation is an extremely helpful entitlement program and one of the most widely used in the United States.

Workers’ compensation can be broken down into a series of benefits that help employees following a work-related injury or illness. The injury can be from an specific accident or cumulative trauma (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) or be the result of a disease that has been caused by the work environment. All employees are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act and employers are legally bound to provide benefits to their employees by law.

Most employers will handle the benefits through an insurance policy provided by a third-party carrier. Although on paper the process may seem fairly straightforward, it can be a challenge due to unresponsive employers and aggressive insurance companies.

Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

The injured employee can attempt to file the workers’ compensation claim on their own. However, they must still follow strict filing regulations or risk having their claim denied. Claimants must have proper documentation dependent on the work-related injury. One of the most common reasons why a claim is denied is because of improper filing and missing necessary documentation.

If you’re considering filing a California workers’ compensation claim, a workers compensation attorney in Nevada County can assist you through every step of the filing process. With years of experience in workers’ compensation law, these attorneys can help gather the proper documents and meet all the filing criteria.

It is important to remember that every state and city have their own laws and workers compensation regulations that must be followed. The claim is filed against the employer’s workers compensation provider instead of the employer themselves.

California Workers’ Compensation Benefits

According to the Worker’s Compensation Act, benefits are divided by categories. Two of these categories include:

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) are benefits paid to the employee when they are temporarily unable to return to work. The benefits of a TTD include an ongoing series of payments until the employee returns to work, until their medical condition substantially stabilizes and usually, for a maximum of two years.

Permanent Disability (PD) are benefits paid to the employee when they have sustained injuries that prevent them from returning to work in any way. Circumstances may differ depending on the kind of injury. These benefits are typically a lump sum settlement negotiated by the Nevada County workers’ compensation attorney representing the employee.

Consult a Nevada County Workers Compensation Attorney

It is important to note that these are not all the available benefits categories and they may change depending on the injury and circumstances. Also, insurance companies will usually do their best to avoid paying out full benefits. They actively attempt to deny benefits to employees and have expert attorneys with an extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law.

Your Nevada County workers’ compensation attorney will communicate and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Although the period following a work-related injury can be extremely stressful and uncertain, a workers’ compensation attorney works to ensure you receive the total amount of benefits you are entitled to.

EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS! Contact Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center to schedule a free case consultation with an experienced California workers compensation attorney soon.

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