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Do I need a disability attorney or social security advocate?

It is almost always cheaper to hire a disability attorney than a California disability advocate who doesn’t practice law when you consider the possibility of needing assistance from Social Security Disability advocates in California. There are many and varied differences between being represented in California by a California Disability Lawyer and Social Security Disability advocates who are not lawyers.

California’s high number of disabled people often require professional assistance to obtain the benefits they deserve. Continue reading to find out the differences between a disability lawyer and Social Security Disability advocates, who aren’t lawyers.

How to Become a Disability Advocate

Social Security Disability advocates are generally referred to as representatives who assist with Social Security Disability claims. A disability advocate does not require the same qualifications as a lawyer to practice law.

To become a qualified representative for Social Security Disability advocacy, you must have a college degree or comparable training and experience. Social Security Disability advocates must also pass a background check and obtain liability insurance. They must also take a basic exam that covers the rules and regulations for Social Security.

These qualifications, when compared to the requirements of a disability lawyer, are clearly lacking. California’s Social Security Disability lawyer must not only have a four-year college education, but also complete law school with distinction, pass the state bar examination, be a respected member and continue in continuing education courses.

What are the differences between a Disability Advocate and a Disability Attorney?

California disability lawyers and advocates are distinguished by the greater responsibility that is required to keep a good reputation in the legal community. To remain relevant in the highly competitive field, disability lawyers must both follow stricter rules and regulations and passionately represent their clients.

Social Security Disability advocates have one disadvantage: they cannot do everything that a disability attorney can get you the maximum disability benefits. A disability attorney can effectively handle cross-examination to question the credibility of expert witnesses called into your hearing.

A disability attorney can appeal to a Federal District Court for further investigation if the case is denied or fails. California disability attorneys have more experience and understanding than other lawyers. They are more likely to invest their time in your case to ensure a positive outcome.

Take into account Consult with a California disability lawyer for free Instead of looking for Social Security Disability Advocates.

Call 530-362-7188 to find a disability attorney to help you today. 

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SSI Lawyer in Sacramento

Disability law

SSI Lawyer in Sacramento with GCWC

If you need an SSI lawyer in Sacramento look no further than Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center. Our attorneys are equipped to handle Social Security Disability claims as well as other more specific programs that are available to California residents.

For example, in California, a small percentage of every employee’s paycheck is deducted and paid into a special disability insurance fund, called State Disability Insurance. If due to any medical reason you cannot perform you regular work, this will pay you disability benefits if you are not receiving comparable benefits elsewhere.

If you are disabled and have very limited income, you may qualify for benefit payments and employment assistance called “calWORKS”. Participation in an employment services program may be required. And of course, there are private insurance sources, and what each policy considers a disability and how they define the disabled will vary from insurance to insurance.

An SSI lawyer in Sacramento will be sure to guide you to a program that better fits your needs and more importantly that you might qualify for. Each program has pros, cons, and benefits, and sometimes there’s a possibility to qualify for more than one at a time.

Otherwise, Social Security Disability benefit programs (SSI and SSDI) are available to all United States citizens who have enough earnings history. If you have questions about whether you qualify for benefits, you should contact an SSI Lawyer in Sacramento as soon as possible. It doesn’t cost you any upfront money to hire one, and it’s generally recommended to get the process started as soon as you’re out of work. An attorney can help you at any stage from the application process all the way to a hearing if necessary.

In order to win an SSI claim it normally requires a lot more work and effort. It’s not enough to show documentation that you were diagnosed recently with a debilitating illness, they will investigate whether this deters you from working various jobs without limitations. This can mean a myriad of stress-inducing questions and forms to fill out, which is why having a lawyer by your side is not only advantageous but a great support system.

Attorneys Kim LaValley and Kyle Adamson of Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center have worked for many years on behalf of their clients pursuing Social Security benefits and have an excellent record in winning their cases. They have received praise for their work from many specialists in the field, including witnesses called by the government to testify against their clients. Please call us for a consultation at…



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Social Security Law Information

Social Security Attorney

Social Security Law Information

The complicated procedures of Social Security law involve a lot of attention to detail, very strict rules, and filling out complex forms to name just a few. One would think that in order to qualify for Social Security benefits, you would just have to show them that you have a debilitating condition and that would be that. And for some, that might be true, but for most, it involves much more work which could be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic illness.

Although everyone has a right to represent themselves and even begin the process of applying for Disability benefits, people tend to have a lot of assumptions about what to expect and whether they need an attorney or not. Social Security law allows you to hire a Representative on your case to assist you and have a limited kind of power of attorney on your claim. This means, with the appropriate kind of paperwork, your Attorney can access medical records on your behalf to benefit the claim, make calls to the Social Security office for you, and a few other things. Social Security even has restrictions in place that don’t allow your Attorney Rep to charge more than 25% of your back payments. These are some examples of the protections you have if you’re not sure about hiring an Attorney.

There are also plenty of reasons why having a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced law firm on your case can be of great benefit to you. Filing an application online is relatively straightforward but could have a few questions and statements that some people don’t realize could be referred to again in the future. Social Security law will make it so officers on the SSA offices have to follow up on all the things you state on the application, from the facilities you receive treatment at, to the jobs you have had throughout the years. Certain details can be used against you, and some can help the case a lot as long as you remember to tell them. An Attorney is always aware of the things that can help strengthen a case, and we will be sure to remind you of what that is so we can also ensure Social Security knows what these details are and to follow up on them.

Gold Country Worker’s Comp Center will be there to fight for your benefits alongside you so you could have both the support and expertise from a law firm and ensure your case gets won. We can give you a free consultation and begin assisting you right away, so please call us at 530-362-7188.


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Social Security lawyers – GCWC

Workers Compensation Attorney

Social Security Lawyers – Gold Country Workers Comp

Social Security lawyers can be a great tool and support system in the disability application process. Every US citizen that works (NOT under the table and provided all federal taxes are paid on the income) is entitled to Social Security benefits. In fact, you pay into these Social Security funds from every paycheck if not nearly every paycheck. On regular circumstances, one would need to be of retirement age to access these funds, but if you are in the unfortunate situation of becoming disabled and can no longer provide for yourself or your family, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits even if you’re not at retirement age yet.

These benefits are called Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) and you are entitled to them if you have enough work credits after working for a certain period of time (which normally could equate to 5 years or more). This means that if you have been working full time for more than 5 or so years, and you develop a disability that keeps you from working, you will most likely qualify for this program.

On the other hand, some people were born with debilitating illnesses or developed them from a young age, or incurred without having attained the needed work credits, so they would need to apply for a supplemental program called Supplemental Security Income (or SSI) if they are under 18 or otherwise didn’t work long enough under Social Security rules.

As you can tell, this is a lot of terminology and information to learn and understand the significance of in one sitting, which is why Social Security lawyers are there to be not only a helping hand but a knowledgeable one in these difficult times for you. You can call some attorneys, like Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center, for a free consultation in case you are not even sure what rights you have and if you are eligible, and once your questions are answered, we can start the process of seeing what it takes to actually win your claim.

For example, Social Security lawyers can determine what is in your best interest and what to look out for depending on which part of the process you are in. On average, a claim could take several months, but the quicker we act, the quicker we can get a decision.

If you’re worried about payment, Social Security will actually not allow us to be paid our fee until we win your case. Once approved, they set aside 25% of the lump sum of back-due payments you receive, so there is no up front cost to you!

We understand this time might be confusing and frustrating, but the sooner we can consult your options with you, the sooner we can get you the benefits you deserve. Call us at


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Disability Law Firm Services

Disability Case in 2022; Disability Case in 2021

Disability Law Firm Services

If a medical condition limits your ability to work, there is no better time than the present to call a disability law firm. There are many ways to help you depending on what caused your disability. Although some conditions might have developed over time or from an early age, if you were injured at work, if severe enough, it could turn into long-term issues with the need for long term financial support.

Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center is a very trusted and reliable disability law firm that can help you regain your lost wages and compensation if you suffered an injury while “on the clock.”  Workers’ Comp benefits are available for specific injuries, like falling or lifting too much, OR that result from micro day-to-day trauma on any body part that eventually develops to the point of needing to seek medical care or take time off.  We can help you file the appropriate forms and guide you through the possibly lengthy process. While this is going on, you might also qualify for other programs as well. In fact, if you are still employed there might already be benefits offered to you by your employer you might not have been aware about. We can also help determine if you qualify for a private insurance policy, as the definition of “disabled” varies and might involve some measures to be sure you are eligible.

A PIECE OF ADVICE:  DO NOT MISS WORK FOR MEDICAL REASONS WITHOUT A DOCTOR’s REPORT SUPPORTING THE NEED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF TO PURSUE MEDICAL TREATMENT!  Disability benefit programs all require medical evidence in support of whatever benefit is being pursued.

When it comes to California residents, there’s a small percentage of every employee’s paycheck that is deducted and paid into a special disability insurance fund. If you cannot perform your regular work duties and suddenly find yourself out of work due to your conditions and you are not receiving any other type of comparable benefits, then you might be eligible to receive these funds.

Of course, if you do not meet certain disability requirements or cannot substantiate these claims, do not worry, as there are still a few programs available to all Americans that can help you while you’re dealing with your illnesses and being without an income. SNAP benefits will help you if you have a low income, TANF (temporary assistance for needy families), a program that also benefits low-income families, and Unemployment benefits provide assistance if you are involuntarily unemployed but are still seeking employment in the near future. Some of these are rather temporary, but can surely help you. It’s not easy navigating all of the different requirements for these programs, which is why a disability law firm can be there to guide you and meet the appropriate deadlines for all of them.

No matter the issue you are facing, we are certainly here to help you. Call Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center at our toll-free number 877-233-8399 or (530) 362 7188 for a free consultation today. Early intervention works, so do not hesitate to pick up the phone even if you have a few questions.  Getting an early understanding of the possible benefits available to those with medical conditions that interfere with work is very important.  We will help you through this transition and relieve any insecurities.

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