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If you’re seeking Social Security Disability benefits, it’s highly recommended to look for Truckee and Nevada County disability lawyers to help with your case. Hiring a disability lawyer can be extremely beneficial when it comes to obtaining a successful outcome. 

Studies show that an experienced disability attorney can improve your case’s chances as much as 40-60% if you have already been denied and elected not to be represented. This is predominantly due to the simple fact that their legal expertise helps you gather necessary evidence and navigate the complex process of securing disability benefits.

Learn more about the being represented by a disability lawyer below. If you’re ready to schedule a case consultation with an experienced Truckee disability lawyer, contact Gold Country Comp Center to learn more about how we can assist you.

What Do Disability Attorneys Do?  What Do They Charge?

Social Security Disability lawyers have studied and learned the various rules and regulations required to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Experienced disability lawyers have a full understanding of the potential pitfalls that could cause your case to be denied and should not be underestimated. 

The disability attorney you choose to hire will verify that you are filing for the proper type of disability benefit payments and ensure everything is filed correctly. As your legal representative, your attorney will evaluate your case, provide suggestions on how to increase your case’s chances of success, and inform you of any reasons that might invalidate your chances.

In addition, disability attorneys can collect all relevant medical evidence on your behalf. Not only is this vital to your case’s chances but it can be a strenuous task to attempt yo take on by yourself. Lastly, your attorney will communicate directly with the Social Security Administration, which is often regarded as the most difficult aspect of applying for benefits.  They also try to get as much in back due benefits as possible.

Disability attorneys work on a contingent fee basis generally charging 25% of the back-due benefits payable to you up to a maximum of $6000 and payable only if you win.   They should be willing to give you a free initial consultation, too.

Hiring Potential Truckee Disability Lawyers

If you are uncertain of your case’s chances, it’s best to consult with several Truckee disability lawyers before hiring one. This will not only give you a fuller understanding of how confident you should be in your case’s chances but also help you choose the most suitable representative for you.

While many people assume hiring an attorney will be too costly, this isn’t the case. There are reputable Social Security Disability lawyers willing to provide you with the help you need for a contingency fee, which means you will only pay them if your case is successful.  Disability attorneys will also be able to maximize the chances that you receive the full amount of benefits you are entitled to and inform you of other potential benefits you might not have known were available.

It’s important to remember that the sooner you choose to hire a disability benefits lawyer, the better your case’s chances. EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS! To schedule a free case consultation soon, please call 530-362-7188.

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Consult Experienced Disability Attorneys Lake Tahoe

Disability Case in 2022; Disability Case in 2021

Have you been injured at work and considering whether or not to consult with disability attorneys in Lake Tahoe? The best disability attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that clients are fairly compensated following a disability diagnosis.

Social Security Disability lawyers understand the stress and uncertainty that you and your family will experience due to the difficulties living with a disability can present. Hiring an experienced disability attorney can alleviate some of the stress and ensure your claim is approved.  This article focuses on Workers’ Compensation benefits, but mentions aspects of Social Security claims, too.

These disability legal specialists use their experience and extensive legal knowledge to protect your rights. A disability attorney helps clients navigate the complicated claims and/or appeal process for both Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability and SSI claims. Experienced disability lawyers will also fight to secure the full compensation you are entitled to. 

The following article will highlight why you should contact a disability attorney to represent you. If you would like to discuss your particular claim with a California diability lawyer that has your best interests in mind, please contact Gold Country Workers Comp Center today. 

Disability Attorneys Help File Your Claim

Social Security Disability is designed to help support those suffering from a physical or mental impairments (or a combination of them) that totally prevent realistic employment in any job whether the disability is caused by work or not.  SSDI and SSI is an “all or nothing” system.  The benefits for an injured worker, however, do not require proof that you are totally unable to work at any job in the marketplace.  Injured workers receive benefits according to their particular medical circumstances and the degree of the long term impairment, the severity of the injury, and other factors.

Although it is meant to help people, the disability insurance claim process for both Social Security and Workers’ Compensation is full of challenges. Many people will attempt to file their disability claims on their own, which is never recommended without first consulting with a legal specialist.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of reasons why disability claims can be denied. Some reasons are as simple as missing or providing incomplete information. This is one area where Lake Tahoe disability attorneys can help. 

An experienced disability lawyer can assist you through the process of filing your claim. They can gather all the necessary and relevant documentation to ensure the claim is filed properly. This can save you time, stress, and even inform you of available benefits you were unaware of. 

Workers’ Compensation—Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Most employers will not handle workers’ compensation or disability claims “in-house.” Instead, they will pay into a workers’ comp and disability insurance fund provided by an insurance company who evaluates and administers the claim.

The insurance company is responsible for accepting or denying claims and paying out benefits. Obviously, the insurance company is a business like any other with their own bottom line to consider. 

Insurance companies often use aggressive tactics backed by their teams of lawyers to pay out as little as possible. Disability attorneys in Lake Tahoe will develop supportive evidence and negotiate directly with the insurance company on your behalf.

Simply put, disability lawyers use their expertise to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the benefits you are entitled to. 

Workers’ Compensation—Represent You In Court Proceedings

Mistakes happen all the time by the person reviewing applications for benefits and determining eligibility for the various benefits potentially available to injured workers. In some cases when a resolution cannot be reached, denied claims or any part of the claim can be appealed to a judge.

If your claim is appealed, to a judge, your attorney will represent you through the proceedings. They have an extensive understanding of how to navigate the appeals process as well as how the necessary court proceedings are conducted.

As your legal representative, your attorney will be able to properly file motions, present evidence, and file an appeal, maximizing your chances of a successful resolution. Remember, EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS!

To learn more about how we can assist you, please call 530-362-7188.

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Should I Get A Disability Lawyer Before Applying?

Social Security Attorney

It is important to find lawyers for Social Security Disability to ensure you receive the maximum benefits for your case. The process of applying for Social Security Disability can be overwhelming and terribly stressful for most people.

A Social Security Disability attorney has professional experience dealing with the intricacies of the Social Security Administration along with a thorough understanding of the application process. Their thorough understanding and experience can give you peace-of-mind through the complex application process by acting as your representative.

This article will give you an explanation of what lawyers for Social Security Disability do and the benefits of choosing a Social Security Disability attorney to help handle the application process. If you are ready for a free consult with a disability attorney in California be sure to contact our legal team today.

Review Your Case From Start To Finish

Every step of the application process has potential pitfalls that could cost you your Social Security Disability benefits. A disability lawyer can help you review your case through each step of the application process.

If benefits are denied, a disability attorney can help you determine what the best course of action moving forward may be. Acting as your advocate, Social Security Disability lawyers can then compose a thorough strategy based on years of experience that will ensure your full benefits are secured.

Guarantee That Your Application Is Complete

An incomplete claim is the most common and significant mistake individuals make when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The initial stages of the application process are when most applicants are denied, in most cases because of an incomplete claim.

Lawyers for Social Security Disability can help you review every portion of the application and ensure all the relevant forms are completed and submitted properly and in a timely fashion. Don’t let your application become denied right from the gate when a simple correction could make all the difference.

Collect All The Relevant Medical Evidence On Your Behalf

Medical evidence can be the single deciding factor when it comes to applying and receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Collecting and organizing all the medical evidence can be a difficult, time consuming, and extremely stressful process, especially when done by yourself.

A Social Security Disability attorney can help you gather all the necessary and relevant medical evidence and sort through the mountain of documents to determine what is most important or missing. Disability lawyers can also work with you to obtain the necessary medical tests that will further boost your case and ensure your benefits are approved.

Communicate Directly With The Social Security Administration

Often, the most difficult part of applying for Social Security Disability benefits is communicating with the Social Security Administration. Every day an immense volume of claims passes through the Social Security Administration.

Each claim is filled with deadlines and a number of formalities that the average person is completely unaware of. Lawyers for Social Security Disability benefits can communicate with the Social Security Administration on your behalf and will always notify you of upcoming deadlines, keeping you informed throughout.

Social Security Disability attorneys play a number of roles to ensure your claim is processed and you receive your maximum benefits in a timely manner. Be sure to contact Gold Country lawyers for Social Security Disability benefits today to find out more about how a California disability attorney can help your claim be successful.

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Lawyers For Social Security Disability

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Attorney For Social Security Disability Benefits

Attorney For Social Security Disability Benefits

The process of acquiring Social Security Disability benefits can be a difficult and complicated one. Retaining an attorney for Social Security Disability benefits can provide you with professional guidance and counsel during the process.

Every year, a large number of Americans require professional assistance when it comes to achieving the full amount of benefits they are owed themselves. Without proper representation and assistance, these benefits may become out of reach for people who truly need it.

Who Are Social Security Disability Benefits Intended For?

The most available source of disability benefits is from the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI). If an individual’s earnings history does not qualify for the SSDI then they can qualify for the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI).

Receiving benefits from either program require proof of an inability to work. An attorney for Social Security Disability benefits can help you with the process of finding the right program for you.

In order to receive Social Security Disability benefits proof must be provided that you cannot perform your regular work or adjust to other work for at least twelve months due to a medical condition.

These medical conditions can include both physical and mental conditions. There is no need to wait a year before applying and an attorney for Social Security Disability benefits can help the process get started and finish sooner.

Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney understands that the inability to work because of a disease or injury can be an extremely traumatizing event. They have a familiar understanding of how the process of seeking Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated and add to the stress of an injury or disease.

This familiarity ensures that they will keep you educated and informed on your case and the entire process which includes the doctor’s report. Similar to almost every disability program, there is certain medical terminology that must be used in Social Security advocacy proceedings.

Most people including doctors are not familiar with this legal terminology. An attorney for Social Security Disability benefits understands the crucial importance of accurately detailing a doctor’s intentions.

This ensures that those who will be reviewing your file will easily understand your file from an accurate legal perspective. Experience and a familiarity with the law and procedures make hiring a disability attorney the best course of action when seeking your Social Security Disability benefits.

Some people make the mistake of contacting a Social Security Disability advocate instead of an experienced attorney. An attorney’s level of education and ability to fully represent you in every manner concerning the law far outweighs that of an advocate.

Consult with an experienced disability lawyer in California for free to learn more.

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Attorney For Social Security Disability Benefits

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Should I Hire a Disability Lawyer or Social Security Disability Advocate?

California Disability Cases

When considering the need to request help from Social Security Disability advocates in California, it’s almost always more reasonable to retain a disability lawyer rather than a disability advocate who isn’t a practicing attorney. The fundamental differences between being represented by a California Disability Lawyer over Social Security Disability advocates that are not lawyers are actually numerous and fairly diverse.

The high number of people who require professional assistance in cases pertaining to disability benefits in California often find it difficult, if not outright impossible to achieve the full amount of benefits they are owed themselves. Continue reading to learn more about the various differences between a disability attorney and Social Security Disability advocates who are not lawyers.

The Requirements To Become A Disability Advocate v. Disability Attorney

The terminology of Social Security Disability advocates generally indicates the representative assisting with Social Security Disability claims is not an attorney. The qualifications required to become a disability advocate are lacking in comparison to that of which a disability attorney must fulfill to practice law.

There are five basic requirements to become a qualified disability representative capable of assisting people in Social Security Disability advocacy, the first of which is possessing a college degree or equivalent training and work experience. Social Security Disability advocates also must complete a background check, acquire liability insurance, pass a basic exam covering the rules and regulations put in place for Social Security, and complete continuing education classes.

By comparison, these qualifications are obviously lacking when stacked up to those required of a practicing disability lawyer. A Social Security Disability attorney in California must not only obtain a four-year college degree, but also continue to complete law school successfully, pass the state bar exam, become a respected member of the state bar association, and persist in continuing education courses.

The Differences Between A Disability Advocate v. Disability Attorney

The most significant difference between disability advocates and disability attorneys in California is the higher level of responsibility required to maintain a reputable position in the legal community. Disability lawyers have to both conduct themselves in a way that adheres to much stricter rules and regulations that do not apply to disability advocates and passionately represent each of their clients to stay relevant in the highly competitive field of disability advocacy.

The other disadvantage of Social Security Disability advocates is that they are not able to do all the things a disability attorney can do to attain the maximum amount of disability benefits owed to you. For instance, if an expert witness is called in during your hearing, a disability attorney can efficiently handle cross-examination to challenge the credibility of their testimony.

In the event the disability case is unsuccessful or denied, a disability attorney can appeal to the Federal District Court for further examination. Disability attorneys in California have a higher level of experience, understanding, and more reasons to fully invest themselves in the case in order to achieve a successful outcome for you both.

Consider consulting with a disability attorney in California for free rather than looking for Social Security Disability advocates. Call 530-362-7188 to find a disability attorney to help you today.

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