Workers Comp Lawyer in Lake Tahoe

Gold Country Workers Comp Center has the best and most trusted workers compensation lawyer in Lake Tahoe. Our legal experts will fight and get the full maximum amount of workers compensation benefits owed to you.

If you’ve been dealing with a workplace injury or an illness caused by your work environment you are entitled to workers compensations benefits. At Gold Country Workers Comp Center we understand times like these can be very difficult for you and your entire family. Workers Compensation can provide you with money and benefits to help you with current financial burdens, cover medical bills, physical rehabilitation, permanent or temporary disability and more.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Lake Tahoe


What kind of injuries are covered by workers compensation?

  • A particular injury or minor injury that requires medical care other than minor first aid.
  • An injury that grew over time (Repetitive use or jarring of a limb, joint or spine).
  • An injury happening from risk to harmful toxic substances or other substances you may be allergic too.
  • An injury that occurred while on-the-job but caused by an unconnected 3rd party.

You should not wait to get the help you need. If you wait too long you can lose the benefits rightfully owed to you. Simple factors such as when medical attention is received, proper documentation, and when an employer is notified are important and can affect the outcome of workers compensation cases. Contact our skilled worker’s compensation attorney today! Early intervention works.

Understanding how all these factors work together is a lot to handle and can get complicated once there is a dispute. That is why our passionate attorneys are here to help. Our lake Tahoe’s compensation lawyers understand the complicated parts of the worker’s compensation systems and are ready to handle the challenging insurance companies and tough employers attempting to refuse the benefits owed to injured workers.

To discuss the variety of options available to you with a Lake Tahoe compensation attorney, contact us online or call  530-362-7188 to speak to an experienced lawyer about your case and begin working on a plan that works best for you.

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