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If you’ve experienced a work-related injury, you should consider speaking with a workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. There are benefits available to you and the sooner you reach out to find workers compensation lawyers near me, the better.

Early intervention with competent legal representation gives you the advantage of having professional guidance throughout the entire process and does not come at any additional cost to you. In fact, experienced workers comp lawyers can help guide you through the initial claim process in order to ensure you receive the maximum amount of benefits you are owed and continue to receive them without interruption. 

Workers’ comp lawyers are paid as a percentage of what is recovered for you.  Retaining one costs you nothing up front, and the fee is the same regardless of when you get an attorney to represent you.  And you avoid many of the problems unrepresented claimants create for themselves because they do not know the rules and regulations as well as claims adjusters.  One of the biggest problems workers’ comp attorneys complain of is the holes unrepresented claimants dig for themselves that are difficult or impossible to recover from.  EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS!

The Benefits of Early Intervention

Sustaining a work injury gives you rightful cause to file a claim and receive workers’ compensation benefits. The reason you should look for workers compensation lawyers near me right away is because of how complicated each step of the claim process can be, especially during an increasingly stressful time.

The different rules and regulations associated with the workers’ compensation process are anything but simple. On top of these difficulties, insurance companies and employers further complicate matters. Without the right knowledge and a favorable medical evaluation, your benefits could be jeopardized or lost.

Workers compensation attorneys understand the fragility of these factors and can provide you with guidance to enrich the outcome during the initial claim process and beyond. Moreover, your lawyer will provide you with legal advice and answer pertinent questions in order to meet all deadlines on time and keep your case from being negatively impacted.

How to Choose Workers Compensation Lawyers Near Me

Like most professionals, not every workers’ compensation lawyer will be equally suited to handle your case. It’s important to know what questions to ask potential workers’ comp lawyers during your initial consultation process. Remember, initial case consultations are generally free, so there is nothing to lose by speaking with a lawyer about your case.

It’s recommended to find workers compensation lawyers near me that specialize in the field of workers’ compensation as well as have ample experience handling work injury cases similar to yours.

Here at Gold Country Workers Comp Center, we passionately pursue the best interests of our clients. We offer free initial case consultations and can help you with your case from start to finish. It is our goal to secure the highest amount of benefits available to you and we have the experience and knowledge to do so successfully.

Contact us to schedule a FREE initial case consultation and begin working towards a positive resolution today. Remember, early intervention works and you have nothing to lose! Gain the benefits you are owed and rest assured your case is in competent hands.  Remember, EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS!

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Workers Compensation Lawyers Near Me

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Consult a Work Injury Attorney About Your Workers Compensation Settlement

Work Injury Attorney Sacramento California

After experiencing a work-related injury, workers’ compensation benefits become available. In order to make the most out of your case and receive workers’ compensation benefits that are sufficient for your needs, a workers’ compensation attorney should be consulted. If you’ve already hired a work injury attorney and a settlement is being offered, it’s important to know your options.

Accepting a settlement for your workers’ compensation benefits can be both advantageous and ill-advised. Understanding what you gain and give up by accepting a settlement will help to ensure you are making the best decision. Here is some general information about settling your workers’ compensation case.

Settling Can Eliminate Your Weekly Benefits Prematurely

A workplace injury can cause a multitude of problems that extend beyond recovering from the injury itself. One of the advantages to workers’ compensation comes in the form of weekly benefits to help pay for the medical expenses and lost wages associated with the injury.

Settling a workers’ compensation case can eliminate these weekly benefits and prevent you from being able to ever again receive them for that particular injury. Make sure to ask the work injury attorney you are working with to better understand if this is a worthwhile choice.

Medical Payments Might Continue

Workers’ compensation differs from state to state. In California, employers and insurers can be required to continue medical payments even after reaching a settlement. It depends on the structure of the settlement.   

Another important factor to consider is that, even if the insurers are required to continue medical payments, they might be more reluctant to do so after a settlement has been reached. This could develop into longer time periods or delays or even denials in getting needed treatment.  

The advisability of structuring a settlement that does NOT include future medical care may depend on your access to medical care through other programs, such as another job, MediCal (Medicaid), Medicare or private insurance.  Access to MediCal (Medicaid) and Medicare may be unavailable after a settlement, again depending on how the settlement is structured.   

All of these scenarios will be important to speak with your work injury attorney about in order to better understand the potential risks and difficulties. As you may have heard, consult with an attorney early on.  Initial consultations at many firms are free

The State Workers’ Compensation Agency Has to Approve Your Settlement

Even if you, your work injury attorney, and the insurance company all do agree on a settlement doesn’t mean that it will be accepted. Your settle will still have to be approved by a Judge at the state workers’ compensation agency before being finalized.  In California, that agency is called the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Your settlement will only be approved if the judge agrees it is in your best interest and is satisfied that you are fully understanding of its terms.  I have seen many settlements approved in cases in which I’m not involved that, in my opinion, should not have been approved, and very rarely if ever is the injured worker at the hearing to provide input or ask the Judge questions.

Always Consult a Work Injury Attorney

Determining your workers’ compensation settlement is not as easy as looking at a number on a piece of paper. Workers’ compensation benefits are just as much about what you are entitled to as they are about what you will actually receive. Your doctor and the doctor your insurers work with could reach different conclusions, for one.  EARLY LEGAL INTERVENTION WORKS!

There are also the full range of disability benefits to consider, which many insurance companies will attempt to avoid by offering you a lump sum settlement in order to prevent ongoing payments for the duration of those benefits. Consulting a work injury attorney about your settlement is your best way of understanding whether or not the settlement is in your best interests.

Also, there are other disability programs and benefits available from other sources that should be coordinated with any settlement proposal.

If you have a workers’ compensation case near Sacramento and wish to speak with a California workers’ compensation attorney about your benefits or accepting a settlement, contact Gold Country Workers Comp Center. Our work injury attorneys provide free consultations and would be happy to help you navigate this process successfully.

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What to Ask a Workers Comp Attorney Near Me About Your Settlement

Workers Comp Lawyer Sacramento CA

Finding a competent workers’ compensation attorney will be a crucial aspect of acquiring a fair settlement. Firstly, however, we believe it’s important to consult with a Workers’ Compensation specialist as soon after an injury as possible.  Most offer free consultations, and pitfalls in the course of your claim processing can be better avoided.  EARLY INTERVENTION WORKS!

If you’re still looking for a workers comp attorney near me, be sure to understand how to choose the right workers’ compensation lawyer first. If you have already begun the process and have finally received a settlement offer, you should feel confident about its adequacy before accepting it. Often times clients will have questions regarding their settlement. Fortunately, asking California workers comp lawyers the right questions can help you determine whether or not the settlement offer is right for you.

Do I get all my benefits now, later, or over time?

Workers’ compensation claims in California are settled in different ways but generally include settlement by Compromise and Release or by Stipulation. A Compromise and Release (C&R) is regarding the settlement for permanent disability, future medical treatment, and other outstanding fees that you are owed. Some C&R’s however can be strutured to provide BOTH a lump sum AND future medical care.  The C&R settlement will be paid to you in the form of a lump sum that comes from the insurance company. This will also be where the fees for your workers’ compensation attorney will be deducted from, which generally amounts to 15%.

A Stipulation (Stips), unlike C&R, pays for your permanent disability but sets your medical treatment costs for your injury as ongoing coverage. Although your benefits can remain open for life, the money is instead paid straight to the medical providers through the Workers’ Compensation system.  Cases that settle by “Stips” will often end up, in the future, being settled by C&R for more money at that time.  Some people attempt to receive a full C&R settlement in lieu of Stipulation but many insurance companies will only provide one or the other. Be sure to ask your workers comp attorney which of the two settlement types you are receiving for more clarification, or to intervene to negotiate a hybrid or complex structure otherwise.  We believe that specialists more than earn their keep, even after payment of their fee.

How much will I receive and how long will it take to receive?

Due to the hardships a workplace injury causes, one of the most common questions for a workers’ compensation settlement offer will be how much you will get once the process is complete. Make sure you ask what the net amount of your offer is once the attorney fees are deducted and for an approximate timeline before it is processed.

An experienced California workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure any medical expenses are handled through the insurance company either prior to or within the final settlement. Once you’ve signed the paperwork, the settlement will then have to be approved by a judge. Following the judge’s approval, an insurance company generally has 30 days to send you your check.

Can I get more if I don’t accept the offer?

Remember, when you first began looking for a workers comp attorney near me, it was for a valid reason. Ask your attorney if choosing to fight over settling will result in a better offer. Workers compensation attorneys are experts in this particular field and will provide you with the best possible advice.

However, it’s important to note that an experienced California workers compensation lawyer is capable of maximizing the benefits you’re offered through tactical planning and negotiation. Not every trial or judge’s ruling will result in a higher outcome, which is why you should feel confident in the abilities of the lawyer you choose to work with.

Consult a Workers Comp Attorney Near Me For Free

If you have been offered a settlement and are unsure whether or not you should take it, reach out for help. Gold Country Workers Comp Center specializes in California workers’ compensation cases and our attorneys will be glad to assist with any concerns you might have. Don’t miss out on the benefits you are rightfully owed! Contact us for a free case consultation and speak with a workers comp attorney near me about your case.

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Workers Comp Attorney Near Me

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Questions to Ask Workers Comp Attorney Sacramento

Work Injury Compensation Case

If you have suffered an injury at work, it is important to find a workers comp attorney Sacramento quickly who will represent you successfully. A work injury can not only cause you physical pain but can be financially devastating to you and your family. The time following a work injury can be difficult and extremely distressing.

In the case of a work injury, you are eligible for disability payments to help recover lost wages and for payment of medical bills by filing a workers’ compensation claim. The process of filing a workers compensation claim can be confusing, which could lead to a denied claim. A workers compensation attorney can guide you through the claim process and ensure a successful resolution.

Continue reading to learn what questions you should ask any workers comp attorney Sacramento you could potentially hire. These questions will help narrow down the selection and save you time.

How Long Have You Worked With Workers’ Comp Claims In California?

Experience is crucial to ensure you get the compensation you and your family deserve following a work injury. An experienced workers comp attorney Sacramento with years of experience understands the potential pitfalls of securing fair compensation. It is also important to consult with an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation law.

Do You Have Experience With Similar Cases To Mine?

Depending on the circumstances of your injury and the industry you work in it, is important to consider a workers’ compensation lawyer who has represented clients with similar cases. A workers’ compensation attorney who has worked with similar clients will have a better understanding of how to file your claim and defending your right to fair compensation.

Do You Keep Current With California Workers’ Comp Laws?

A successful workers’ comp attorney understands the importance of continuing their education while keeping up-to-date on current laws. Workers’ compensation laws in California are in a constant state of change. A successful workers comp attorney Sacramento will consistently keep up-to-date with current law, which prevents them from being blindsided during the workers’ compensation process.

How Often Will You Update Me On My Case?

Although workers compensation lawyers are typically very busy with multiple clients, they should still be committed to keeping lines of communication open with each client. The workers’ comp lawyer you choose must be able to respond quickly to your questions, to keep you updated and informed on your claim. They will also be able to guide you through each step of the workers compensation claim process.

What Are Your Fees?

Knowing what fees your potential workers comp attorney Sacramento fees are is important before committing. Most workers compensation attorneys work on a contingency fee basis (12-15%), which means they receive a certain percentage of any compensation you receive. It is important to keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. Your potential workers comp attorney will be able to clearly define how they will be paid for their service and time.

Choosing Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center

For thirty-five years Gold Country Workers’ Comp Center has been dedicated to representing our clients’ interests and ensuring they receive fair compensation. Our compassionate team understands how stressful the period following an injury at work can be. We are proud to have helped countless people reach a positive outcome for their workers’ compensation claim. Contact us today to schedule a free case consultation or if you have any further questions regarding your workers’ compensation claim.

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Do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer in Grass Valley?

Grass Valley Workers Comp Lawyer

A serious work injury can be extremely distressing. If you were injured in a work related activity, even if not at the assigned worksite, workers compensation benefits allow you to recover your losses and pay for necessary medical bills. To receive the maximum amount of benefits owed to you, a Grass Valley workers comp lawyer should be considered.

Who Does a Workers Comp Attorney Do?

Unlike personal injury lawyers, a workers compensation lawyer specifically works on cases relating to workplace injuries. Your Grass Valley workers comp lawyer can help you get compensation for medical expenses and lost wages from missing work. In addition to these areas, workers compensations attorneys also help you to receive financial benefits in the event serious and willful employer negligence directly or indirectly contributed to your injury, pain and suffering.

Do I Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If you are suffering from a workplace injury, you qualify for some form of workers compensation benefits. It’s in your best interest to contact a workers comp lawyer in Grass Valley to evaluate your case and give you expert advice on the best way to handle your situation. And you should seek advice early in the claims process.  Gold Country Workers Comp center offers FREE CONSULTATIONS!  If your case warrants seeking benefits, workers compensation lawyers can help you through the initial filing process all the way through representing you in courtroom proceedings.

Some common scenarios that workers comp attorneys handle include:

  • Injuries from falls in the workplace
  • Injuries relating to continuous strains from regular workplace duties
  • Injuries caused by lifting
  • Injuries from malfunctioning equipment
  • Injuries after being in an auto accident

It’s important to note that the above list is only some of the cases a workers compensation lawyer will handle. Although there are countless ways to sustain a workplace injury, they make up the vast majority of workers comp cases. If an injury at work happened that prevents you from going to work or resulted in seeking medical attention, it’s recommended to consult with a workers compensation lawyer. Lastly, if a family member or loved one was killed due to an injury that happened while working, a workers compensation lawyer can help you to file a lawsuit, if necessary.

What Is the Cost of a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Another reason to consider contacting a Grass Valley workers comp lawyer is it won’t cost you anything initially. Workers compensation lawyers charge a contingency fee. What this means is that you never have to pay anything out-of-pocket.  The fee must be approved by a judge and they will take a percentage of your benefits only if your case is successful, typically ranging between 12%-15%, maximum.  And did we mention that consultations are offered for no charge.

Where Can I Find a Workers Comp Lawyer in Grass Valley

Gold Country Workers Comp Center provides legal representation for individuals who are looking for help receiving the maximum compensation California residents are due. Our workers compensation lawyer proudly serves Grass Valley residents along with the surrounding areas and has successfully accomplished thousands of fortuitous resolutions. Contact us to schedule a free case consultation and learn more about how our legal experts can help you maximize what you’re owed.

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